The road to creating a new and better you are never easy. There can be hard and traveler wrought with, fear, insecurity, and doubts and self-sabotage. Having the proper guide to aide you is essential. As a former athlete and coach I know just how difficult it can be for the average individual to take the first step. From that first step forward; your journey begins. Once you have taken that first step, recognizing your personal goals to create the ultimate you, I highly recommend speaking to Mario Medina. Through Mario’s programming anyone can improve their confidence, self-esteem and physique. As a consummate professional Mario will create an individualized workout to suit your specific needs. Professional, punctual and courteous, Mario Medina will help you re-create, re-vitalizes and re-defines your body and mind. Speak to this trainer and are ready to take that first step towards a better, stronger, faster more confident YOU

Steve F

Satisfied client


 Hi, my name is Patricia Obara; I needed a professional trainer due to my slight sciatica and weakness in the left leg as a result of a past sprain. I met Mario Medina who has trained me at the gym until now. For each session he would set up the exercises and demonstrate how to do them for me. Under his supervision, I was able to successfully complete all of his exercises. Mario, always a professional, consistently met me for sessions on time, demonstrating knowledge regarding how to deal with my problem and how to adapt to certain strenuous exercises. After only a short time, my left leg grew strong and my back pains (caused by the sciatica) went away. After each session he texts me "Great work Patricia ;)" which really encouraged me to keep on dedicating myself to staying healthy. I really recommend Mario Medina to all my friends with confidence. Thanks, Patricia


Satisfied client


 I started training with Mario and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. One day I walked into the gym thinking I was going to do my regular workout regimen but then Mario offered me the free workout. About an hour later I was drenched in sweat and my whole body was fatigued. Right at that moment I knew I had to start training with him immediately. Mario is not only a professional and knowledgeable trainer, but most importantly he’s a person that pushes and brings the best out of you. Mario is a great motivator and every time we train he makes sure that I put in the work.  Being an athlete, Mario has helped me get to the next level of my training. I have seen drastic changes in my overall strength and stamina. My experience training with Mario has been very beneficial and has had a positive impact on my life. I would highly recommend anyone to train with Mario.

Christopher D

Satisfied client


 Mario has been an amazing trainer.  I don't think I have left a single training session not being completely satisfied, proud, and exhausted.  Each one of the many workout that he suggests are extremely effective and he always knows tons about form and how to make you feel the workout in the exact spot.  I am really happy I found Mario because he seems to have a wide knowledge of any goal you could have.  If you want to achieve something he is the one to work with and I mean anything!  If I told him I wanted to be able to do a certain amount of pull ups by the end of the month we could focus on that.  If I wanted to be able to dead-lift a bunch of weight, we could do that, but when I said I was very into yoga, he suggested lean muscle training, and it has been perfect.   Working with Mario has been so fulfilling that I want to go in more and work harder to see what on earth he has in store for the next session.  It’s awesome and I am thankful I am working with him.

Kevin J

Satisfied client


 I have trained with Mario Medina and in the short time I have worked with him I can already say he is an A list trainer. His workouts are extremely intense and very effective. I have already gotten some amazing results. Mario is a great motivator offering words of encouragement throughout our sessions. In addition he reaches out to check in after workouts offering words of praise for a job well done as well as sharing his nutrition plans and library of exercises. Mario is also a good teacher as he effectively conveys what to do for each exercise as well as any adjustments which need to be made. I have learned a lot in my time working out with him. Overall Mario is a professional who maximizes every minute of the workout with the intent of providing the most value for the client. I would (and have) recommended Mario to anyone looking for a personal trainer

Keith G

Satisfied client


 Mario has been an excellent trainer for me over the past several months. He has always accommodated my unusual and sometimes difficult schedule. He has juggled his schedule and is always there on time to begin my training. I have not maintained a regular training schedule which has presented challenges in terms of routine and motivation. However, Mario has made adjustments to keep me on track and motivated to continue. He has adjusted my workout so that I get a full range of activities for each muscle group. In addition, he has helped me develop and strengthen the muscles and joints that we had discussed when I first started on with him. His attitude and professionalism have been an inspiration and have helped me explore different routines than I have ever thought myself capable of. I had a very old school opinion of working out and have expanded that now to different approaches taught by Mario.

Michael V

Satisfied client


 I have been working out with Mario Medina and have been very impressed with the vigor and intensity of each of the workouts. The guy just knows what he is doing in every sense of the word. Each workout is unique in its own way and I find myself exhausted and covered in sweat at the end of each one. Not only did he help me set achievable goals, but he has gone above and beyond helping to ensure we hit each one. Since I started working out with him, my level of fitness has increased significantly, I am lighter, faster stronger and ready for more. Boxing is clearly a passion of his and he makes sure to incorporate that into each of our workouts. It’s been a ton of fun and I honestly have no interest in going back to the old way of working out. Mario is the best, everyone should use him, just make sure not to take my time slot.

Matthew B

Satisfied client


 Quotes it’s been such a pleasure taking classes with Mario! The way he conducts his classes shows his care, knowledge, and commitment. His carefully planned class sessions are always well explained ahead of time, and designed to work every part of our body. He knows how to push us to reach new limits in a fun and challenging way. Mario is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. He has given us a meal plan to follow that keeps us on track between sessions. Every time I have the chance, I speak with Mario about nutrition, and I always learn a new tip! Mario is a well-rounded and excellent trainer. I highly recommend Mario to anybody looking for a great fitness manager.

Xiomara P

Satisfied client


 Quotes I would highly recommend Mario as a trainer for anyone interested, especially for boxing. I do not have aspirations to be competitive but it is a great workout and allows you to have items to focus on and set better at doing your workouts. Mario early helps me with my form and pushed me during all of our sessions. He was always early, sometimes even went a couple minutes late to show me new things and follow up after the session with good eating tips. Mario+Personal training+boxing training=fit and satisfied customer. 

David L

Satisfied client


Sometime within the last 3 years, I lost the motivation and the spark to reach the next level of fitness. It was always the same routine and same workouts that had actually become mundane. This all changed after I was introduced to my new fitness trainer, Mario. After performing just 2 training sessions with Mario, I have already seen the deficiencies in my body mechanics and footwork. By seeing the mistakes that were being made, I was able to make drastic improvements in my balance, hand-eye coordination, and proper form. Working out with Mario, I felt reinvigorated. Mario’s commitment, professionalism, and extensive knowledge provided the foundation for an effective workout. Anytime I come to the gym, I am actually looking forward to my detailed workouts with my exceptional trainer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mario. He will tailor the workout to your needs, keep your challenges fresh, and utilize his creativity to motivate you to become a better you.

Anthony C

Satisfied client


I've been receiving Mario's training. I found Mario to be punctual, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very serious about a guiding me through a complete training program. I thought personal training would consist of a good hard workout but Mario has me believing that it also includes good nutrition. He has improved my diet in a way that I find I enjoy. In one month the results are very encouraging. I've reduce my weight 12 pounds, body fat is down 1.9%, and I've lost 1 1/2 inches from my waist. When I began training with Mario my goals were to lose inches from my waist, reduce body fat, and improve posture. Years of working often at a desk my posture was very poor. I had great difficulty just leaving the back of my head much closer to the wall and improve my posture. I also had lower back pain and after 1 month the pain has been significantly reduced.

Dave S

Satisfied client


 I've been trained by Mario for about a year now. He knows a lot about the way muscle builds and how to get you the results you want or need. My personal experience with Mario Medina Fitness has been a test of commitment and mental strength. I had times when I wanted to give up but he always reminded me of the bigger picture, which were my personal goals to live healthily when I get older and to make fitness my lifestyle. He helped me train abs, legs and upper body including back, triceps and biceps throughout the year and I have seen improvement in all the areas. Mario is committed to his clients and will explain what you need to do; how you need to do it and why you are training in whichever way he feels is necessary for you. Whether it is through interval training or maxing out, he works patiently and effectively.

Nataly Osores

Satisfied client


 This book cuts through the hype and delves straight to the core of fitness with easy to follow commandments (a clever touch) which will aid in achieving and maintaining a healthier you. This book is the go-to fitness guide!

Tonya M

Satisfied client


 I met Mario seven months ago and life has never been the same. Mario is a concerned, dedicated trainer. He also does nutrition planning and exercise programs. He can also suggest other types of equipment, if necessary for your program. Mario is totally dedicated to make sure you understand everything he is recommending so you will be successful in what you want to accomplish. Mario can lay out your plan, but you have to work hard to reach your goals. I can tell you from personal experience, it is worth the work. I'm 67 yrs. old and have never felt better! I have arthritis for years, but since working out and following my exercise and meal plan, I feel better that ever I have in years! My flexibility has increased in my hips and legs too! This is an ongoing program for me, to stay active, fit, and healthy. I thank you Mario for being so dedicated and changing my life forever!


Extremely Satisfied client


 Mario Medina is a fabulous trainer. He makes fitness fun! Moreover, he is always professional, responsible, punctual, and courteous. Mario is a dedicated and caring professional, who is positive in his attitude, building confidence in his clients and making everything seem possible -- which in the case of teaching me to box is saying quite a lot! Difficult as it is, I come away smiling every time I have a boxing lesson. I recommend Mario Medina wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.

Teo B

Happy client


I had lost hope for myself, everyone staring at me because I’m so fat. But Mario has encouraged me to go forth in his workout program; he has given me hope again. Always asking about did i eat right, he really cares about his clients. GBU MARIO AND THANKS FOR HOPE AGAIN


Satisfied client


My name is Andre and I worked with Mario last year to get me started. I had a minor setback do to medical reason but Mario helped me out tremendously with his work ethics and patience. Took his time to go over what I'm capable off and build from there. I'm back with Mario again because he helped me so much getting physically better and building my confidence. The fact that he is a man of God and what he has done is a motivation. He is an amazing trainer and he has thought me so much on getting my core and doing exercise the correct way. I feel better physically and my confidence is a lot better. From going through what I went through physically and where I am today do to Mario training I'm thankful and grateful to have met such a dedicated and educated trainer. I plan to stay with Mario group sessions for as long as I can. Hard work and dedication Mario brings to the table every time. It's a pleasure to work with Mario makes working out hard, fun and educational. God Bless

Andre Ortega

Satisfied client


Foremost Glory to God, for Mario Medina, ☺ and now to the testimonial, I attended the Grand Opening of our Church, Sports Ministry on Saturday May 10, 14 and believing I was going to perform to what I thought was "my peak" I am SPEECHLESS physically LOL!!!!!!! Today is Monday, May 12, 14 and I cannot comprehend LOL! How I am almost cripple LOL! Just from a 15 minute circuit workout, MARIO is BLESSED BY GOD for His glory, an amazing business person. I chose him for my personal training!

Daina R.


I never thought that there is also a 10 commandments for a healthy body and having your dream body. Follow the steps written and for sure you will achieve it.


The 10 Commandments to Achieving Your Dream Body reader


This is a fantastic book. I highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about working out. I thought it was cute how the author created 10 commandments. A nice way of spicing up an industry filled with hype and the same old same old.


The 10 Commandments to Achieving Your Dream Body reader