"I've been receiving Mario's training. I found Mario to be punctual, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very serious about guiding me through a complete training program. I thought personal training would consist of a good hard workout but Mario has me believing that it also includes good nutrition. He has improved my diet in a way that I find I enjoy. In one month the results are very encouraging. I've reduce my weight 12 pounds, body fat is down 1.9%, and I've lost 1 1/2 inches from my waist. When I began training with Mario my goals were to lose inches from my waist, reduce body fat, and improve posture. Years of working often at a desk my posture was very poor. I had great difficulty just leaving the back of my head much closer to the wall and improve my posture. I also had lower back pain and after 1 month the pain has been significantly reduced."


Dave S


"My name is Andre and I worked with Mario last year to get me started. I had a minor setback due to a medical reason but Mario helped me out tremendously with his work ethic and patience. He took his time to go over what I'm capable of and build from there. I'm back with Mario again because he helped me so much getting physically better and building my confidence. The fact that he is a man of God and what he has done is a motivation. He is an amazing trainer and he has taught me so much on getting my core strong and doing exercise the correct way. I feel better physically and my confidence is a lot better. From going through what I went through physically and to where I am today due to Mario’s training I'm thankful and grateful to have met such a dedicated and educated trainer. I plan to stay with Mario’s group sessions for as long as I can. Mario brings hard work and dedication to the table every time. It's a pleasure to work with Mario who makes working out hard, fun and educational. God Bless"


Andre Ortega

"It’s been such a pleasure taking classes with Mario! From the way he conducts his classes to how he shows his care, knowledge, and commitment. His carefully planned class sessions are always well explained ahead of time, and designed to work every part of our body. He knows how to push us to reach new limits in a fun and challenging way. Mario is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. He has given us a meal plan to follow that keeps us on track between sessions. Every time I have the chance, I speak with Mario about nutrition, and I always learn a new tip! Mario is a well-rounded and excellent trainer. I highly recommend Mario to anybody looking for a great personal trainer."


Xiomara P




"Sometime within the last 3 years, I lost the motivation and the spark to reach the next level of fitness. It was always the same routine and same workouts that had actually become mundane. This all changed after I was introduced to my new fitness trainer, Mario. After performing just 2 training sessions with Mario, I have already seen the deficiencies in my body mechanics and footwork. By seeing the mistakes that were being made, I was able to make drastic improvements in my balance, hand-eye coordination, and proper form. Working out with Mario, I felt reinvigorated. Mario’s commitment, professionalism, and extensive knowledge provided the foundation for an effective workout. Anytime I come to the gym, I am actually looking forward to my detailed workouts with my exceptional trainer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mario. He will tailor the workout to your needs, keep your challenges fresh, and utilize his creativity to motivate you to become a better you."


Anthony C

Oh and check out this time I was honored to speak at the Statewide Hispanic chamber of Commerce of New Jersey for there 4th annual health and wellness fair. I was 1 of the 5 trainers chosen to speak as a social media influence of health and wellness. I'm on at 1:39 :)